Re: Prince Rupert Nightlife?!

Ok stop laughing for a second…

Looks like I’m going to be moving up this way for work.  I’m originally from Victoria.  In preparation of my move, I’ve done a fair amount of research on the area and spoken to quite a few people who used to live there.  The problem with those sources are:

  • You can’t find information regarding the “social scene” of any town reading websites

  • The ex-Ruperites I spoke to haven’t lived there in over 5 years.  Lots changes in 5 years.

Well with a town of 13,000 people, I’m assuming there’s not a heck of a lot to do for the under 30 crowd right?  Given that the town has seen better days economically, I’m assuming most of the younger crowd leaves for PG, Kelowna or Vancouver to look for work?

Well, any information you can provide would be a bonus.

Sorry it’s after 11 pm , we’re all in bed :unamused:

Your out past your curfew.


Mostly we drink alarming amounts of cheap beer in dirty smelly bars and stay up all night eating $5.00 cat-on-a stick on the main street. And I don’t think much has changed in 5 years really.

OK, I have my breath back after all that side-splitting laughter! :smiley: Moving up here for work from Victoria, well, good luck there!  As for the social scene,I have not frequented a" bar type" bar  since I moved here 8 years ago preferring to stay safe in my fave sports bar Breakers (another plug for ya, Sylvester) but I have heard that the most popular is probably The Rupert where you can sit and have a libation of choice, and another and so on, then you can try and stand outside and watch all the other smelly bars close out and patrons spill out onto the street and fight or make out or fall down and try to make out or pass out on the sidewalk having thought they made out. Its a blast to watch at times!Seriously, unless you are into sports or fishing, there is not a great deal for the under 30 crowd to do, come to think of it, not the over 30 either! But I wish you good luck and an in advance Welcome to our fair city :neutral_face: In all fairness, on a sunny day, not a town more beautiful except, well, maybe, Vic… Thought about staying put?

There are a few decent bars in town.
I like Breakers and the Crest sometimes…that’s about it for me. 

The Rupert Pub (Now known as Johnny B’s) Has texas Hold em’ Tourney’s every Tuesday at 7pm (Registration starts at 5:30pm)

I have to say, I expected much more flaming as a result of my post.  Appreciate all of the feedback.

So since it’s not eleven yet I can reply with more info… :unamused:

As pointed out earlier The Crest, Breakers, are both pretty nice. As is Solly’s but it’s a bit to the east and requires motorized transportation or a pretty determined bit of shoes…

There’s the Oceanview on 1st with a great view of the harbour but a little more working class than the Crest or  Breakers.

Some guy named Rollins’ will log on soon to sell you on the merits of RAIN

The Rupert Hotel has just undergone a bit of a facelift as can be seen by the trolling for poker participants above at Johnny B’s, they have a dance club in the basement that used to be called Bogey’s now goes by the name of the Underground.

There’s the Surf just up the street above Subway for dining and dancing and for the more party hearty crowd looking for an edge (ie: occassional bar brawl) there’s the Moby, though it’s a brave lad or lass that ventures there on occassion.

The Commercial is another working type pub kind of kitty corner to the OV on 1st.

The Belmont on third has the ladies that take off their clothes and there’s the bar that used to be the Drifter but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it down by five corners, though the amount of police cars that seem to routinely visit probably suggest it’s had a few problems as well.     

Soon to come is the Gaming Centre, our mecca of entertainment complete with the usual features and apparently live entertainment…

I thinik I’ve covered the watering holes, might be some I missed I don’t get out much anymore so the youngsters in the crowd should step up and share their impressions.

Cody Bear though portrayed the after 2 am crowd pretty exactly though, it’s akin to an uncontrolled riot some nights down there, so if you’re a tender type best be home before then, or if you’re a party animal then the stockyards open up at closing time and the fun begins anew most Friday and Sat nights.

There’s tons of restaurants with different styles, so someone can give you thumbnail on them.


1- The Surf is only for drinking… not dining.

2-  The Commercial has a wide range of patrons… it’s popular with the younger preppy crowd as well as the older and the ones in-between.  It’s usually the place to start, before people head off to the Surf.

3-  The Drifter is now Raffles.  Don’t go there.  Most of it’s patrons are scuzzy and old and yes the RCMP frequent there more often than even the Moby so it seems.

Basically, it depends on what kinda person you are, and who you’d like to hang out with.  I’d recommend Rain, The Crest, Breakers, Solly’s, and Johnny B’s if you’d like to get out and meet people once you get here.  You’d make friends pretty quick if you sit at the bar at Rain for a night :smiley:

dude or dudette, if you’re counting on ruperts night life to be entertaining, you’re pissin up a rope.  be prepared for the same scenario, every single weekend.  fun times once a month but beyond that … nyet.

different strokes for different folks though…

Rupert can be a lot of fun. LOL 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

let me tell you about rain…just kidding, i’m not falling for your trap

yes i work there, yes i hang out there, but my taste may not be the same as others

check them all out.  if i were you, i’d avoid raffles, the moby, chasers, the entire east end of downtown (other then rain, all hail rain) and the rupert

did i mention rain yet?  pretty good spot…dammit i can’t help myself

basically, check around.  night life can be fun here.

oh, and check out rain

Isn’t chasers shut?  I’m pretty sure it is.  For like almost 2 years now.  I think last time it was open was when Audio Vision was.  So if I were you I wouldn’t go to that one.  I don’t think the beer on tap will taste very good right now.  Also you could get a b & e charge against you.  Then you may be on probation and not allowed to enter a licensed establishment.  So Chaser’s is probably not the place you want to go.

Audio Vision has been closed for 2 years?  Dammit.  I just finally got enough money to buy that 1984 tape-deck in the window.  :unamused:

Some of the stuff might actually be worth the price he charges now that they are “vintage”

I think its only vintage because the company that made it is no longer in business.  Good luck getting warranty.  So that makes it a collector’s item then.  Now the price is even higher than that.  I think the beer at chaser’s is now $8.00 a bottle too.

Well if nothing else, this would make Chasers a nice place to go for a quiet date, though I gather the service might be a little slow :unamused:

We left out the Anchor Inn, way out by the campground though i’ve never been to the place, so I have no idea what it’s like or what they do there.

They also seem to have a lot of police cars there, but it’s normally to take advantage of the noon hour lunch there (just be sure not to speed down Park Avenue after 1 pm, lots of police cars there…) :unamused: 

great food at the Anchor Inn, and they do have specials during the evening. Like Solly’s though, I never drink there since it’s out of the way.