Re: Obama & McCain Roast Each Other … st-it-out/

I found this well done on both sides for ‘dishing it’ and ‘taking it’ - says a lot about both men with all the crap flying around, that they can take time out and do this.

Very funny stuff, very funny. :smiley:

I’m a huge Obama fan, but, I thought that McCain was funnier.  Good stuff.

Edit:  Added later.  Speaking of funny I was watching Bill Maher on Larry King last night.  He referred to Sarah Palin as a “Category 5 Moron.” :smiley:

The Ice man, cometh?  A good article about Obama. :smile:

Commentary: Barack Obama, icy cool under fire

I sure like the comment for Palin a Category 5 Moron, I think that is a classic line but he always seems to have them up his sleeve. Obama did pretty good when he was head hunting McCain during the roast. I think a roast for Pond would be good for the community.

Roasts aren’t supposed to be hurtful, hard-hitting, or helpful to one’s political agenda. If that’s what you thought Obama’s did, you shouldn’t be complimenting him.

Go to any number of Harbour Theatre’s “Desert Theater”/sketch comedy shows, and you’ll usually see at least a few blatant Prince Rupert jokes. One sketch they do every once in a while is a big parody of a Council meeting. Point: The community already does roast Mayor Pond and Council, as well as many other public figures in Rupert. Check it out some time. :smiley:

Yes.  I enjoy watching Maher, he is very irreverent while he makes accurate observations.