Re: News Paper

How do you run a newspaper without an editor?
Or do you?

Which paper doesn’t have an editor? I think they both have one.

In last nights paper the Daily News editor says that he is soon to be ‘unemployed’

I guess there’s no point in writing a Letter to the Editor anymore.

thats too bad i read it after i read this post. i like earle hes a good community minded down to earth guy. talked to him quite often he enjoyed his time here.

Well it is too bad that he’s about to leave, the troubles with that paper are certainly further up the food chain than his position.

At least he has had some lead time to say good bye I guess, Leanne
Ritchie was never provided with such a forum to say farewell and she had put in more than a few years of solid reporting here.

i thought i remember her saying goodbye in an article