Re: New Neil Young, Protest is back!

The New Neil Young recording “Living with War” is available for free to listen on line!

Click here for the listening session.

You can’t download the tunes to a personal player but you can listen to the entire project from start to finish. It’s probably his most political recordings since the Rust Never sleeps era and is probably going to bring back memories of the Glory Days of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Ohio.

Song List includes

1.  After the Garden
2.  Living with War
3.  The Restless Consumer
4.  Shock and Awe
5.  Families
6.  Flags of Freedom
7.  Let’s Impeach the President
8.  Lookin’ for a leader
9.  Roger and Out
10. America the BeautifulÂ

He’s also got a multi media push on for the project from a blog site.

A site for lyrics for the recording.

Interviews with the media about the recording.

Check it out if you’re a Neil Young fan, or if you just like good music with a pretty hard hitting message to go with it!

And hey it’s FREE, can’t beat that these days!

Neil Young gets down with Pearl Jam and I down with that :smiley:

Cool man. Music with a message - that’s like Marley all over (minus the malignant toe :cry:)

I’ve only had a chance to listen to the first 2 songs, but it sounds pretty good already.  Downloaded the first track as I was listening to it.