Re: Mr. & Mrs Stephen Harper

Has anyone else seen any news reports that Mrs. Harper is boinking an RCMP officer and not living with her husband? Or 37-years-married Minister of the Public Safety Vic Toews impregnated his 18-year old assistant.?

Seems like it’s all hush-hush, nudge-nudge, wink-wink. If these things had happened in the States it would be all over the news.


It’s mentioned in the paragraph after the “Send Marc a Letter” link. … =190x29793

Could it be all gossip and innuendo?

The Toews one is easy to find. … -free-bbq/

Could it be all gossip and innuendo?[/quote]

Perhaps the stories can be considered legitimate if and when mainstream media outlets print them.

The Toews one is true as it has been in the news over the last two years.

          so the moral of this story is:
         A Politician will literally screw you anyway they can…