Re: Land Rush on Highway 16?

The Folks at Royop are back in the news, looking for more land for their development out at the BC Highway site.

Front page story in today’s Daily News outlines their ideas and what they are looking for. … 2272942629

Interesting to note in the article that interest by the locals in the project is described as “rampant”, perhaps MIG should change the name of the htmf to htmrs, since “rampant sepculation” seems to be the main focus of some of the boards here eh! :laughing:Â Â

Hold onto to your Candian Tire dollars and your need for a Boston Pizza though, they don’t expect to have anything built until the mid point of next year.

I think that this is great.  Finally we will see retail development in town instead of just industrial develoment.  With so much interest in this project it really shows what potential the retail industry sees in our community. An additional 25 acres would possibly double the number of retailers. This is a direct spin-off of the container port development and there will no doubt be many more.  The only concern that I have is what this development will do to our downtown retailers.  The Rupert Square may very well be in for a rough ride as they are half empty and the Royop project hasn’t even broke ground yet.  Our downtown retailers do have something that other communities, such as Terrace, dont have to draw from.  The Cruise Ship terminal guarantees downtown retailers that there will at least be heavy traffic for 4 months out of the year.  The Royop project may also benefit downtown retailers to a certian degree.  More out-of-town shoppers will be drawn here and may choose to shop some small specialty stores in Cow Bay and downtown while here.  Its nice to see so many positives happening to our little town after so many lean years.

I think the key here is the phrase “retail development”. It’s about time we focused on that and not just the odd mom and pop store that opens up. There is room for both of course, but this town has fought off retail development for far far too long.


I guess I woul not mind a big box food store to buy groceries, maybe a Superstore. Cheap grub mmmmm. I think the exclusive club called the chamber of commerce is crapping their pants right about now. It is good to see that we are finally going be allowed to benifit from fair prices from competition, which was not allowed in the past.

I think that the Chamber of Commerce should be excited about the new developments. More Chamber members, more people shopping locally, more money staying in town. The definitely will be casualties if some of the local retailers dont pull up their socks but for the most part I think it is positive.

Be aware that once some of the ‘competing’ stores you already have go under the big guys aren’t so generous anymore. Soon as they’ve got their share and realize they don’t have to beat Safeway by a dollar, only a dime, the prices sneak up.
ExtraFoods in Vanderhoof used to save you $80 a trip, now it’s down to $30-40 after only the Co-Op stayed open.
My sister even pointed out when I was in Abbotsford that SaveOn Foods prices vary in accordance to the affluence of the neighborhood. Non sale items like beans and bread varied by 30 cts…

Overall I find that Save-on foods, or Overwaitea(same store dif name) is the best price… UNLESS you’re buying bulk no name brand stuff… then the yellow store is cheaper.  Safeway is more expensive on everything, by sometimes as little as a penny, upto a few dollars… Example, Edwards Coffee at Safeway, is $8, where the same coffee at Overwaitea is $3.  Overwaitea’s meats are the best in town(besides Maverick), but its the cheapest too consitering the quality.  Safeway’s produce is by far the best.  At the end of the day, you can shop at all three stores, and save a couple bucks, but you spend that same money on gas getting to each store. 

Why would they be excited? My theory is that they’re all conspircizing us.

Everyone on the Commerce owns something in town, they all own a thing that we need- And the competitors are probably better. If we get the other store in they’ll lose some buisness. Why would they do that, when they could just keep us under their little finger!?

Why would the Chamber not be excited??  I could see a few members not liking retail development but as a whole it should be seen as positive.

Small town Chambers can be really bizarre. Our Chamber president was instrumental in chasing away what would have been the first franchise food place in town. Why?  Because the franchisee wasn’t interested in buying out his food joint.

On a sunny friday evening in May, I would be thrilled to see couples strolling from the Starbucks outdoor tables over to the theatre, or the music from a Greek restaurant where people are walking over to check out the blues band in the pub. Just like a normal town.
But there’s a vested interest in having everything closed so that all I saw was a drunk teen stumbling through town, and six winos mooching from anyone who stopped to buy gas. Ten patrons in the hotel bar, eight not there by choice but because they have to drink, the two patrons who can tolerate them sitting alone. Six in the neighborhood pub, the one with the rudest waitress in the world (surprise! give her a tip once in a while and she’s great), and TWO in the Legion.
The economic recovery of the last year means that all the normal people can afford to get the hell out and spend weekends in PG… even the Chamber workers. Hell, it’s closed Saturday and Monday on the long weekend!

You guys have a Starbucks? Their coffee is ok, but they make a mean mocha frappe. Better than the local coffee places here at least.

A startbucks almost got put into safeway here a few years ago but it fell through for some reason and never happend.

Nope that was my wish list. If we could even have just one normal place to go…
this place is awful awful awful. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, no women…

No women??  That explains why everyone is going to PG.  I would too!!

for the heroin addict prostitutes? :confused:

Dont mind me i got called into work at 4am :wink:

For the sexually deprived men of Ft. St. James anything will do. Beggars can’t be choosers.

So we need Jergen’s lotion and a knothole… arrgggh we don’t have cabin boys like you old Roopert salts!  :smiley:

At least the summer in Prince Rupert has loads of women around.  Does it change in Fort???.. Prince Rupert has a seasonal population… summer its around 15,000-16,000 vs the winter when its 11,000-12,000.  Of course they just completed the census, before the summer crowd arrived in town, and so the population published will be the winter population.

Summer can be even worse for an old fart like me. Hundreds of tree planters pour into town. The first thing they do is check their e-mail. Before they even shower. The air becomes SAE90 thick with female pheremones. The female staff become bitchy. The young techs swoon as blood leaves their brain… I end up standing outside chainsmoking.leg trembling like apoodle in heat… aaaaauuuuuuugggggghhhhhh!!!
the horror, the horror…

oh my… thats by far the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.  Pretty descriptive.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of a guy getting turned on by a chick who smells like a trucker. Must be lean with the women in Ft St J…real lean. Do you like the hairy legs too??  :smiley: