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Here’s a photo:

This is our new linux thin client thingie we’re trying out.

OMG I didn’t know Alienware made servers!!!
[move] drools[/move]

How many clients that thing support?  :astonished:

alienware was just bought by dell

That’s horrible

Horrible? It’s fucking BLASPHEMY!!!

That’s like Saturn buying Ferrari !!! I can see it now:

[glow=red,2,50]New Alienware Area52 Compewwter[/glow]
The world’s fastest processor ***AMD
**Opteron QuadCore 4MB cache
512 Mega-Bites DDR2100 CAS3 128MBx4
New Intel Extreme Graphics 900 Graphics Accelerator
Seagate 400GB hard drive (Avrg. Seek time 12ms)
Samsung 15" LCD TFT 450:1 / 35ms Response time
Logitech G7 Ultra-wireless Gamer’s Mouse

[glow=blue,2,50]Nvidia Geforce 7900GTX XTX-X 512MB Video Card[/glow]

For Only
$1397.99 + Tax/S&H/Assembly Fee/Erroneous Charge ($299.00)

or Add TWO
For Only
$499.00 (Valid until we spontaneously remove the deal from our site. Whoops it’s gone.)

Most of their computers are a complete farce - the fastest processors paired with slow ram, over-inflated video card prices and all around unblanced systems :laughing:

Let’s hope Alienware knows it’s customer base can be lost :unamused: :laughing:

all is not lost
heres a worthy replacement for alienware

True dat.

These guys hit some bumps with a couple of high-end machines that were promo’d and benched and didn’t live up to their ratings but after those they’ve been pretty solid.

Very cool, MiG! :smiley:
What distro are you running on that beast?

It’s going to be ubuntu, I think.

It’s for a linux thin client thing we’re doing.  E-mail me a username and password and I’ll set up an account for you.  It’s not on the public internet yet, but it should be on Monday or Tuesday, then you can connect from anywhere using a little Windows, Mac (or Linux or whatever) client.

Right now we’re just at the investigation and trial stage – I want to see what it does with a hundred people logged in.

Thanks, MiG, I’ll send you an e-mail shortly:-) 
Ubuntu is an exceptional choice!  Ubuntu is releasing version 6.06 in June, this will be the first version of Ubuntu that is an enterprise version of Linux like RHEL.  Version 6.06 (Dapper Drake) looks to be awesome!  Ubuntu wil be rock-steady on that unit. :smiley:

What are you using as the client/server? I’ve been looking into doing something like this for my work.

Whynot just setup pop : )

What do you mean just setup pop? are you thinking of poptop?

:heart: google … 6b65f00ac7

Well, thin client is easy enough for a LAN, but we wanted more than that – we want students to be able to access their sessions from home, on their own computers.Â

So we’re using an NX server to compress the X sessions (have you tried doing an X session over dialup? Well, it’s actually useable with NX). It works great, and there are Windows, Mac and Linux clients available.Â

I’ve been testing it all weekend, and on Monday I’ll start handing out accounts and have kids try it out.Â

I really like the saved session thing – you’re on one computer, working on something, save your session, go home, login and your session is still there. Even the mouse cursor’s in the same place :wink:


So far, so good.  The thing just flies.  It’s hard to tell that you’re connecting over the internet.  There is very little lag.

Can i try :smile:

yea, if i can have a testing account that’d be awesome. Perhaps i can convert my work away from windows desktops :wink:

The unit is indeed impressive!  I like the fact that when I log-in and fire up Open Office it launches right away, not like my Linux boxes.  The huge amount of RAM rocks on your server.
Very cool. :sunglasses: