Re: I want to go fishing!

I have gear, beer and gas money too. If you have a licensed boat, pleasure craft operators card. and equipment I will pay for gas and beer to get out and fish for salmon hali and rockfish.
Only the strictest adherence to the regs though.
I do have a pleasure craft operators card too.
And I have a ton of crab bait in the freezer.
Call my cell 250 622-9744

“Only the strictest adherence to the regs though.”

And you bring beer . Boating is just like driving a vehicle , you can be charged for drinking and driving.

I was hoping someone would mention that.  Thanks gisgas!

Whoops, tough crowd. 

“Fishing Regulations”

And I think a beer with lunch is just fine.
        Oh I’ll bring lunch too!

No profit for the charter operator? just a free tank of gas and extra hours on their engines? I don’t see the point

“Hunting without beer is like fishing… without beer.” -South Park

this guy is trying to lure a prospective catch… what the halibut, no harm in trying to hook up a free fishin trip… lol… :smiley:

Good luck guy, i have wanted to go fishing since i got here 8 years ago and ya, unless you can afford a charter you may not get the chance.  I too would love to go fishing and spending a day on the water. 

have to make "good " friends

A half day with the charter guys runs about $600 i think…so ya, i better find a friend with a boat, seems odd to me in this town that more people don’t own boats and spend time on the water.  And i can never figure out why we aren’t buying fresh fish on the docks like they do in Steveston.  It would be great and tourists would love to see pots of crab boiling and purchase to eat right away for a good buck.  Such a shame we live in a fishing community and don’t treat it as one. 

If your interested in sharing the cost of a charter, you can call up a couple fishing charter operators and see if there is an extra spot… you then just pay whatever the split is… might be worth the phone call… sounds like you need to release some stress  :sunglasses:

shit lets go fishing ,lol I know a good place down by the docks. Bring your BEER

Cheers to my good friend Arnoldo Franko who took me fishing before I got my own boat, then came fishing with me.  PR is the best fishing I have ever experienced, however it is hell to get crew to go fishing with you.  Used to go out single handed.  Try netting a 25 lb spring and hold the rod same time…oh joy!
Talk to your local tackle shop owner…
Start a fishing club…

Well maybe I can help you if you can help me,
    Ive got the boat and gear, meet all of your pre requisites and am certainly not averse to taking someone fishing.
 My dad is coming up last week of July, he’s got parkinsons pretty bad ,he’s had a couple of strokes and I could certainly use some help in the boat with him.
My requirements are you are a mature responsible adult with a fishing licence who is willing to help out to make an old mans dream of catching a few fish a reality. I left a message on your cell with my number , call me if your interested.

If you are, maybe we’ll head out this weekend either saturday or sunday and catch some fish

Go for it recycler, i would but i have company coming in from smithers for the weekend (and i wasnt the one he contacted…lol), its supposed to be a nice weekend to be on the water.  Darn, you can have a boat ride, help a old man catch a dream and get some sun all at once!

I am not sure I am responding correctly but I am happy to help out toofattofly.
See you Sunday morning.

Happy to help out. Thank you!

My dad and I have not been out together for a long time.

Fishing club sounds like a cool idea.

Hey… i like fishing club…and i can make sandwichs!  lol, and home-made cookies…guess that doesn’t cut it heh…

i hope your dad has a great time, i work with old folk and its fun giving them their small dreams…spent the last 6 months my dad was alive living with him and every single day he dreamed up something he wanted to do. Fishing was one of them. 

How bout some pics you guys?