Re: How to stop the Jon and Kate circus

Hahaha - nice!  I loved how TMZ have been calling her new hairdo the “cockatiel” - it totally fits.

Tired of hearing about those two but do feel sorry for the kids though.  I think they should’ve stopped the show when they saw their family heading to the dumpster but I guess there is a great deal of money involved and it speaks VOLUMES …The husband though, as far as I have seen from a few glimpses, looks like he is terrorized by his wife.  Pussy-whipped to the extreme…!!

A lot of it is a load of BS (in my opinion) - if they create more drama, they get more viewers - like you said, it’s all about the money.  I mean, in the midst of their marriage apparently coming to an end, when Jon was asked about it, all he said was “You’ll have to watch the show” - there was probably something in the contract with the network that said neither of them could talk about what happened on the show until after the air date, but still.  I wonder about lessons this may be teaching to the world’s children.  Don’t worry about it if you go broke, just do something worthy of a reality show, sell your soul and act like an ass and voila - problem solved. 

Heh - I remember when Survivor first started and my coworkers were totally glued to it, so I decided to give it a shot.  I didn’t even make it five minutes - I’d rather watch a badly scripted sitcom than that crap. 

I have always enjoyed watching Jon and Kate plus “those eight awesome kids”…the kids will definately be hurt’n through all the messy TV bullshit.The choices they made  the $$$$$$ of coarse… you need alot of bucks to raise eight kids. I hope a little time apart will get them back on track. I agree that Kate is pretty demanding…

Kate Gosselin is a suckubus.

a suckubus is as follows:

A woman who attracts a man and is really a seven headed beast who under a skin of a woman is nasty devil she bitch that she is. The only way to kill these fucking she devils is to play the song backwards that they allways sing

A succubus?

I had a feeling I didn’t spell it write. I still like my description though.

I think your spelling of the word should be allowed :wink:

Something for you Nestle: the impotence of proofreading

Who the hell are these two Jon and Kate? I may be watching the wrong channel.

Why bother watching TV. This little charade of love can be found in the DN back alley, seven days a week.

Lol, The Naitivity scene, bakerwriter?

I’ve heard some pretty funny stories

But that is love behind the Daily News office , twice last night I bougt him a beer and today he wont kiss me.

It’s that damn loch ness monsta again!

In 12 years or so when those kids turn 18 we’ll hear about them  sueing their parents for money that should have been held in trust.  With the amounts of money they spend, I highly doubt a significant portion is being held in trust until the kids are 18…  I cant stand those people, every wknd is another fricken Jon and Kate marathon on TLC, i should just drop thatg channel!!

Hey, if you don’t watch Jon and Kate, you can always watch the Duggan, Druggan, Duelling, whatever the hell it’s called family, they only have 19 and counting kids and all their names begin with “J”, I think.  I mean, come on, there’s justification right there to keep TLC.  Imagine the money they must be raking in, they even have a spin-off as apparently one of their boys got married and guess what, they’re pregnant.  Must be something in that good old down home water…Nope, I don’t watch it, saw the news  :unamused: on the Today show…Reality TV, ain’t it grand… :stuck_out_tongue:

The only good channel is Discovery Channel.