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What is The relationship between " essential amino acid " and " complete protein"

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Chicken and Rice.

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All of this stuff is in your textbook.

There are 20 essential amino acids that humans need in their diets. We are unable to produce them in our bodies, so we have to eat them. A complete protein is any protein that contains all twenty of the essential amino acids. Any type of meat will contain them all, but vegetarians can get the essential amino acids by eating a combination of vegetables. That’s why so many central american people eat a lot of rice and beans together.

edit:  Big Thumb just emailed me and reminded me of my grade 9 Biology.  We need 20 amino acids to build all of the proteins our bodies need.  12 of them can be manufactured by the body, the other 8 are the essential amino acids.  Sorry for any confusion.
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All proteins begin their synthesis on free Ribosomes.

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