Re: Hell Day

  1. Every MSoft computer was sitting at a startup screen
  2. The painters didn’t come back, everything’s in piles I know where nothing is.
  3. The transmitters for about 75 people locked up and mysteriously started working as soon as I looked into it…
  4. The guy I hired got called by the mill, got ONE DAY out of him.
  5. The kid doing his school hours hasn’t showed since last Weds.
  6. Sold an XP AspireOne to someone too stupid to do the FisherPrice Linux, and he came back 3 times couldn’t figure out how to View Available Wireless and double-click.
  7. Explained “right-click” to three old ladies which ate up about 2 hours
    8) Telus DNS (and only Telus) out of the blue decided not to find our mailserver anymore.
  8. Box 3 of 4 from the shipment LAST MONDAY didn’t show. I expected that, and the one I reordered theis Monday did…
  9. Politely told the third person this month to stop ordering servers and systems elsewhere and think they’re doing me a big favour trying to hire me to crawl under the floor and run wires for them.
  10. The painter got called at 5 to work as a bartender tonight, so another day of mess…
  11. The director of the employment center confided that they still have not encountered anyone with the minimum skills to work the front desk, and I really should consider those techie apps from China and Russia…
  12. The gf bought a clock from WalMart that matches our new decor. We joked how it had little numbers (5, 10, 15…55) around the edges so a Fort St James Grad might be able to read it… put in the batteries and it’s DOA…

and I’m fucking hungry and everything is frozen! :angry:

And she just called and wants artery plugs (perogies) for dinner…
Stress… sour cream… gotta have a smoke and that should do it!

I like how #8 turned into a smilie.

Hey, at least tomorrow can’t be any worse.

Are there any painters in town that don’t moonlight as bartenders?  Heh

Glad to hear that you are a health nut…MiG are you still keeping away from the soft drinks?

I have a bad stomach flu or something – I’m staying away from everything.

Sorry to hear that…take care of yourself, dude.

Pre-empted the perogies and whipped up some comfort food.
Spaghetti straws w hot red peppers & Italian sausage. Sauce all over my shirt. Talk about de-stressing… aaahhhh

But then I step out on the porch and lite up after dinner, and get asked when I come in if there’s a storm coming. Heh heh… that wasn’t thunder honey, it was AROMA THERAPY  :imp:

All good to go for tomorrow…


Need a hand? I don’t have visa/work permit, but I can paint and I can fix computers with my eyes closed… in fact, I’m a geek of the highest order  :smiley:

Hell, I can even hack stuff if need be, but I don’t like getting arrested for that… And I wouldn’t even steel your smokes cos I cant work out which Canadian ones I like, so I’ll stick to my Marlboro’s :smile:

So if you need a job offer to get a worl permit, you just got one.
I’ll even forgive you your bad taste in smokes!  :smiley:

LOL pff fine, take the handsome english man…


Just don’t let him drive the company van :imp: left hand drive and all of that you know :wink:

sorry couldn’t resist, hope you’re feeling better grockle :smiley:

Bring your longjohns lol

:stuck_out_tongue: I can drive on the wrong side of the road if I have to… Just never figured out this ‘Right On a Red’ thing… RED MEANS STOP!!!

No sweat then. The Fort’s so goddam small we don’t even have a traffic light!

You may actually live to regret those words… Is a posting on a forum legally binding?!!  :smiley:

Hell Grockle PM me a ceevee and I’ll repost so it IS.
No shit.

Dunno why I said ceevee… just running into too many Yanks who can’t say resume except as rezoom…

offers open to anyone else qualified who’d consider living here in Deadwood