Re: get stoked get outside

all this negative shit goin down in this forum lately, you kids gotta get the fuck outside and stop obsessing about what asstastic store is going to come to our asstastic mall and save our economy or whatever the fuck ya think is going to go down.
lots of f-bombs? fuckin rights.

get outside and enjoy the awesomeness of our natural environment… this thread is for posting up pics of you shredding fun stuff outdoors from THIS summer…oh and dropping copious f-bombs if you feel the need.


Outdoor rock climbing is more fun per cubic hour than you can handle folks. Pretty cheap too? in terms of how much you would need to outlay if you and a couple friends were getting into it…


Mass fun, went out for a rip with my pops on Tuesday and after getting around to the other side of Digby the wind kicked up on the tide change and it got gnarrrrly on the trip back in - I’m talkin having the 'yak buried from the tip to the front of the skirt in breakers (thats hairy enough for this chap). Super fun travelling back towards the superport from the grain elevator, quick currents and surfable waves made for a pretty effortless shred back to the dock.

so yea. share you’re adventures, and expletives!

Where’d you go rock climbing at? I would recommend you take a kayaking trip down work channel, it can get quite windy and fun in there :wink: I used to go canoeing there all the time with my dad and let me tell you im glad my backpacks filled the boat so water couldnt.  :sunglasses:

Good thread Scrub,

Here’s a pic I took of some friends while on a bike trip to the Extew waterfall a few years ago.  Fairly easy ride.  Then you can stick your head in a magnificient waterfall.

I’m in Hartley Bay right now, here’s our flight in:

Our very generous hosts took us fishing last night, and we were able to see whales and bears. Very cool:

Team sports!

Had a slo-pitch exhibition game last night, season starts next week.