Re: freezing mouse?

I have a compaq presario desktop computer, and lately my optical mouse has been freezing…I’ll reboot and sometimes it works, other times it will freeze right away. Sometimes putting it on standby for a second then starting it back up will get it working again…its never done this before, only started about a week ago. Any ideas?

By any chance , do you have a big cat around the house? I’m sorry but I just had to say that . Sorry and good luck with that.

You dont freeze mice they will die, if you want it to freeze and still work you need to get a frog.

You need to isolate the problem, as it could be a huge number of things.

To see if it’s the mouse or the operating system freezing, try a different mouse and see if that freezes too.

Try booting with another operating system (like a linux live cd) to see if the problem still exists.

Occam’s Mechanical/Electrical Razor. Troubleshooting should begin with the cheapest part. As an optical mouse is worth at least $15.00 I would start with the * compaq presario desktop computer*

sorry, couldn’t help that… :smiley:

how did I know someone would rag on me for having a Compaq??  :smile:

Because they are pieces of shit… :smiley:

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I’d go with MiG’s suggestions and try and isolate where the problem originates.

hey now, for $480 bucks, having it a couple years, and only having to reinstall the operating system every few months, how can you go wrong??  :smiley:  It’s never done the mouse thing before though. I think I might “isolate the problem” by throwing it off my balcony into the trees.

That’s the best soloution i have ever heard Now to write that one down in my book…

Or you could try a new mouse… :smiley:

Have you recently installed some new hardware, software on your system?  Did you try using a system restore point?  If your mouse works satisfactorily on another system then you eliminate one possibilty for the malfunction.

latest addition was a wireless card, but the problem just started this week, and the card has been in for a month or so…I did the restore point thing and it seemed to work for a day, but then went right back to acting up…I’m not very computer friendly, so I’m at a loss.

Borrow a usb mouse or take your mouse to a friends. Mice are cheap. Don’t stress over something so easy.

Norton, Macafee and Panda sometimes do those damned ‘real-time scans’ and takeover the CPU for a few seconds. Shut 'em down and see if the mouse still freezes or acts jittery.
But, fer Gawds sake go buy another mouse and try it.
If you really do reinstall Windows often (like more than once, ever), next time borrow and make a copy of a real Windows CD. Format the harddrive and reinstall from the real CD with your numbers. You’ll avoid the crap on the Restore CD.
No shit, I run a whole office full of computers and never reinstall Windows XP. Rarely even have to run the Repair function.
I’d go so far as to venture a twoonie you have a dying or hopelessly fragged hard-drive and are getting read errors. It’s been our shop’s experience that Compaqs use shit drives, especially now they’re HP’s ‘cheapo’ line. We’ve replaced lots.

Well I recovered my Presario out the trees and bought a cheap wheel mouse instead of cheap beer, and it seems to be working…for now. I hate computers, if there wasn’t so much free porn on the net I wouldn’t even have one!

Thats Probably the problem yo have to much free porn that your not sharing :smile:

Oh yeah compacts have Restore partition TOO! :frowning:

Um, if your mouse freezes again, try give it two cold tablets and call me in the morning.  :smiley: