Re: Fireworks excuse me

Well it most certainly was not a festival of lights, so my lady and I sat there for well I won’t mention how long but hours anyway . It started with little stuff then we got our cameras out for the Grande Spectac and I got a warning that my batteries were dead . But all in all it was a nice relaxing way to end the day . Boom crackle boom and so on .

Would have been nice if they actually started at 11:15 as they said it woud, as it turned out they kicked it off just after 11.  Glad I got there a little early, but as  you said it wasn’t the spectacular of the big cities.

But for here I guess it was ok, though i still remember the year that they had fireworks up against Mount Hays, that was a particularly memorable evening of the boom crackle boom as you say. 

Wonder if there was funding issues? My husband managed the fireworks show in our old home town for a few years and he got a way bigger bang for his buck via federal Canada Day grants rather than local input…oh and if you want to hear a really big BANG try watching a fireworks display in the Rockies-even the echoes are impressive!! (even a few dozen miles away it freaked out our poor old dog who obviously missed all the explosions when we were in Rupert)

Fireworks are one of those things where you have to “go big or go home”. If you can’t afford to do a big show, just don’t do one at all.

The Fort always manages to do a primo job. Low cloud cover last night reflected the mortar burst then when it went off it stood out well and echoed like hell back and forth across the lake.
Someone’s poor dog was trembling under my feet for half an hour…

speakin of fireworks, anyone know if terrace still sells them ? FireWorks/FireCrackers…? they usually sell couple dayz b4 halloween and stuff. Anyone know if they still do?

:astonished: :astonished:
wow lets just go home because your not empressed, forget about the kids of whoms age your acting that really enjoy the event and have never had the priviledge to see the spectacle no matter what the duration , this way we can complain that there are no fireworks.