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I’ve been wanting a good  digital slr for awhile and I know you guys will give me plenty of suggestion but I already have an old manual Pentax slr  with lots of lenses. So I was wondering if the lenses would fit a new digital Pentax.  That way, I might just buy the body.
Now searching the net for Pentax body specs, I found out that indeed, the new camera seem to be using the same K mount as the old ones.  It says that usable lenses are of the K kind ( KAF, KA…) 
What I want to know is, with all the bells and whistle in new cameras ( auto this and auto that) will that become a problem when using an older lens?

DPReview of the K100D

From what I have heard this is probably the one to go with. You might need to do some google searching after you read the article to find out if it can auto focus your old lenses. I imagine that if your current Pentax can auto focus those lenses, than this one can.

Beware though, my D40 is one of very few digital SLRs that does NOT have a focus motor in the body, so it will not auto focus lenses other than the Sigma HSM and Nikkor AF-S series of lens, though everything else will work fine.

Steves Digicams, and DC Resource are other good reads.

StevesDigicams K!00D Review

“PENTAX KAF2, KAF and KA mount lenses; Power zoom function - Not available; K-mount lenses - usable with restrictions; S-mount lenses - usable with adapter and restrictions; 67/645 lenses - usable with adapter and restrictions”

“Users of Pentax film SLR’s will be tempted to make the jump to digital, their inventory of K-mount lenses compatible with the K100D and its integral Shake Reduction feature.”

Sorry for all the posts, but I’ve been wondering about the K100D myself.

K100D vs K100D Super

[quote=“Some Guys on Forums”]
Question: Hello. I am thinking about buying my second DSLR camera.
I have Nikon D50 with lenses. I know I am Keeping my nikon stuff.
Pentax lens and camera look really nice and offering good price.
I don’t see the real difference bet/w K100D and K100D super.
Is there any picture IQ difference between two?

Should I start from K10D?

Need your advise.


Advice: My advice? Put the money into a newer Nikon body (or just shoot RAW with the D50). Pentaxes look good on paper, (and can take some great photos), but my K100D feels like a garden tool compared to a Nikon. The prices are different, and so are the cameras. You can tell the cheap one.

The K100D differs from the super only in that the super has the sensor shaker and flourine coating from the K10D. Other than that, it’s the same camera (and plainer than a bag of rocks, SR and nice LCD aside). You would really need to start with a K10D to have something at all Nikon-like, and even though you take cruder and lower-performing AF and autoexposure systems in the bargain. It takes nearly a thousand USD for a K10D and a really good lens–think of how you could expand your Nikon platform with that money. Now that Nikon has released inexpensive VR lenses, there is less impetus than ever to switch. I’d surely recommend a D40, D40x, or D80.[/quote]

Thanks.  For me, the fact that I have many lenses here outweighs the quality difference between the Nikon and the Pentax.  I know about Nikon and it’s good quality but they can also mess up. I owned one of those film point and shoot 35 mm Nikon about 10 years ago and honestly, Nikon should stay with slr because that was a piece of crap.  I ended up giving away.  My Pentax is 20 years old and still takes great pictures but I haven’t really used it since I bought a digital point and shoot.  So I’ll start looking around for a Pentax body.  That K10D sounds pretty good and so does that K100.

My wife shoots a Pentax ist DS. She loves it. She had a pentax film camera before and so moved to pentax digital. She would like the new body with the image stabilization though.
You can check out the shots she’s getting on her 6 mega pixel camera at I think she has some pretty good shots for sure.

I prefer canon myself but ts just personal preferance with the way they feel in my hand I shoot a 20D and its bg and heay. I like that.

We do have a couple pentax bodies down at Shutter Shack you could come play with in the store.


I just picked up a Canon Powershot S5 IS from Shutter Shack a few weeks ago, and have been very happy with it. I wanted to get a DSLR, but my girlfriend wanted a point and shoot, so it was a compromise.

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I have it on good authority that any photograph becomes art by simply converting it to black and white  :neutral_face:

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