Re: Congratulations, Gary Coons

Gary’s victory speech:

Love the comment at the end about coming third in the sign race.

Gary’s comments to HTMF:

My North Coast election thoughts:

  1. Those who called HTMF a “socialist” and “pro-NDP” forum because the polls here indicated that Gary would win were wrong.  HTMF reflects the North Coast, in my opinion, and that’s clear from the election result.  Just like the facebook supporter race was reflected in the results. HTMF is just as socialist and pro-NDP as the local Tim Horton’s.

  2. All those signs didn’t reflect votes.  Unless they were on someone’s lawn.

Empty lots and vacant buildings don’t vote, nor do RVs and leaning towers. 

I have no idea why there is this crazy sign war.  I’m willing to bet the signs actually cost more votes than they gained.

(and yes, all three parties had plastic signs, no matter what you’ve been told, and they’re all recyclable.)

  1. Those who thought Herb Pond could get away from his record as Mayor of Rupert were wrong.

Voters in Rupert voted with his past in mind – his time in office here might have been a handicap. Voters outside of Rupert probably saw him as a huge Rupert promoter, and that might have been a negative as well. 

I think eccentric’s prediction sums up the feeling of some of the early Pond supporters:

Those who thought that Herb would easily win the riding were simply wrong.

  1. Herb Pond’s campaign had a lot more class than Bill Belsey’s, especially in defeat.  Herb made a personal appearance at Fish Hall to congratulate Gary. 

Belsey never showed his face to congratulate Coons.  Some would call him a sore loser, but perhaps it was his campaign people who made that decision.  Either way, Herb showed how he was different than Belsey.

and finally, Bakerwriter’s comments to HTMF:

I still think Pond would be a better representative for Prince Rupert, and I still think that Gary Coons won’t do the riding justice–but as always, that’s just one opinion, and the voters made their choice clear.

I enjoyed this election, and hopefully next time we’ll find another great challenger for Mr Coons.

Herb showed a lot of class last night. Nicely done! :sunglasses:

That’s the thing, right? At the end of the day all parties, candidates, and volunteers want the same thing: To make the North Coast and the rest of BC a better place to live–we just disagree what it’s going to take to keep making it better, sometimes. :smile:

Perhaps they had time to share a six pack of beer to discuss the campaign, splitting the cost of the taxes of course… :imp:

LOL  :smiley:

Well done Gary Coons and Team. Does that mean the office is open today?

Yes, congrats to Gary Coons and the hard working NDP Volunteers.  :wink:

I agree, good show of class Herb and congrats on the sign wars.  :wink:  :wink:

This shouldn’t have surprised anyone who actually bothered to get to know the guy. I voted for Gary and the NDP but I was disgusted at the personal attacks Herb had to endure. I have no doubt in my mind that Herb sincerely cares about this community and region, and would have done a fine job representing us had he been elected. And, yeah, he’s head and shoulders above Belsey!

if my beer goes up in price im sending you the bill coons :imp:

And how will you know whether it was Coons or the coming price increases on barley and hops?  :imp:

Why would you do that? The Liberals are the government.

because hes our representative and it was meant as a joke towards their ads they had plastered in all the papers. we really need a few new smileys for sarcasm etc  :unamused:

I figured it was a joke but it didn’t make any sense to me, that’s all.

Congratulations Gary and team, and a big well done to Lisa and Herb and their supporters too.  This is the most interested I have been in an election for a long time!

I dont’ think it would have mattered who ran for the liberal side, they would not have got it. Gordo has a great way of pervasivness about him and I think people are hesitant to change sides in this economy. Carole James is not a strong leader for the NDP, seems nice but they need another person with a stronger forse if that makes any sense. I like Herb and Gary both, I always vote for the person in the riding that I think would be a benefit to us, Herb would have been a back bencher I think not sure, Gary has a strong voice, both are personable guys. I did not like the personal attacks … rather crass but I guess that is politics, Herb is a way better CLASSY candidate than Belsey who has no CLASS.

Saw him at the tennis courts today at 4:30. :stuck_out_tongue:  :smiley:

Good to see him out there getting some excercise after a well run and successful campaign. I also saw him riding his bike this morning.  A role model for all of us!

Indeed, Chiseled Abs, Pearly Whites, & a Smile to die for is all we ever dream about!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oiy likes me olives … uk-uk-uk!

Welcome to HTMF, oliveoil …