Re: CityWest prepares to meet the customers

Tonight’s the night, December 5th the long anticipated chance to rub elbows with the new board of directors of CityWest Telephone and Cable, learn about new technologies and maybe ask a few questions about your digital cable service and other items from the world of technology…

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I can’t make it out to the meeting, but I’ll be able to watch it on Channel 10.  Right?  After all,we’re talking about our communications company.  Cable TV.  Right? Watch it on the net, then. 

I’m going out on a limb here, but I suspect you may be disappointed there. I don’t get channel 10 however so perhaps one of our CityWest cable subscribers can let us know if the flow charts and penury tables were highlighted on the television tonight.

As for the website I didn’t even see a notice on the website about the meeting, I may have missed it though and stand to be corrected there. Perhaps I just missed it.

But I don’t think that streaming video will be something that is on the way just yet. 

Even if they did, most of us with premium dsl don’t connect fast enough to citywest to view it smoothly.  :imp:

But…but…but they are our…uh…communications…company…

So did anybody go? What went on at the meeting?

I suspect that of all the good people that have had so much to say about CityWest on this discussion board, you’ll find that not many showed.

I can confirm the coffee was good and the treats were tasty.

Glad you had a good trip to the buffet table, but how about some details as to the theme of the meeting, unless of course the theme was better coffee and treats from Citywest,  which if so you have handled more than adequately… :wink:

I am still trying to sort out my impressions of last nite’s meeting. Instead of reassuring me as to the direction this company is taking I’m becoming very concerned for the employees of CityWest who are relying on the management of this company to preserve their employment. 

The Marketing chap had a lot to say about future vapour ware and their grandiose plans… but when you look at how the city needs it’s dividend, you have to wonder how they will be able to afford the required investment in the coming years.

EVDO is not on the table although Wifi or Wimax is being talked about in 2009.  No questions from the floor about system access fees or the problems with the recent cutover although Management made a few jokes about their difficulties. Apparently their new partner Northwestel is relying on mothership Bell to help out and mothership Bell has other competing and more pressing priorities than a town called Podunk in NW BC.

Some concerns were expressed about continuing trouble calling into prince rupert with operator assisted calls as the long distance operators have no idea on who Citywest is or where it is. Didn’t realize this apparently is a common problem… One person referred to being unable to call prince rupert collect from kitamat!

Concerns were expressed by a former director about the city’s continued liability for employee’s pensions and his request for the results of a recent valuation were deflected by the five million dollar man who is also the chair of the board… Gordon Howie… Mayor Pond made a interesting presentation on how transparency relates to privacy and secrets… but I’m not sure the former director really wanted to know about his private life.

In short… it’s like a replay of watching Skeena Cell… players have changed but Council continues to put it’s head in the sand and spend spend spend while they ignore economic realities.

Hey thanks for the concise replay of the night’s events, very informative and entertaining.

They still talk about transparency eh, hmmm, interesting, of course talking is one thing, doing always another…

Sure hope your analysis of the end result isn’t going to come to be, comparing anything to the mess that became the city’s handling of Skeena is not a positive development for those that are left around here to pay taxes.  Though maybe the chinese need a telephone company, you never know.

Thanks for the report