Re: Cinemas Grub prices

I think this is very outrages that for two ppl…the combo is $23.00.  Thats for two popcorn n two drinks and some candy.  OMG!!!  I sure hope that is imported popcorn or butter.  Terrace has way better options in their theater.

Terraces theater is a piece of shit

just get the large popcorn and pop for 10.50 using a scene card. they are refillable anyway. i get the candy bags and fill it with popcorn for the kids too lol.

and nice chosenone swear in your first post lol

Thank You

Yah, next time I’ll do that…no more of those crazy combo’s.  For that price I was hoping to get ribs n chowmein with it.  lol

Why not just bring your own candy and pop, buy a large popcorn with refill. 

I always bring my own grub, just carry an over-sized purse but I never bother with a drink and Jackie just laughs at me so it’ OK.  :smiley:

For sure, you gotta bring your own treats

Just get a large combo, it is $10.50 with scene card and they are refillable…bring and extra bag with you, get the combo and dump popcorn into bag, go get refill.

Saves a heck of a lot more than getting the two popcorn/two drink deal!

Also…I would rather pay more at Ruperts FRANCHISED theatre then ever set foot in Terrace’s theatre again…have you beeen in there…there is carpet on the freaking walls…seats are shit and they only have two screens.  Shit all around.

People still go to the movies? :astonished:

Thought everyone was donwloading their movie entertainment these days!

Two reasons the prices have gone up. :unamused:

And yes,  I believe that downloading is the way of the future,  but unless you have a really nice set up at home thee are some movies that just have to be seen at the theaters.

prices have been high since before downloading started lol

as far as i know the concession is where the theatre owner/franshisee makes most of their  money tho. so support the concession if you want a theatre  :smiley: