Re: CHow mein

What is the best Chow mein noodles to buy?  Getting tired of those yellow bag ones. 

Farkay " are " the best…you must soak them in hot water for 10 mins. before you toss them with all your other ingredients. Then put in oven with very little water or soup stock …mmmmm they’re the best noodles…

lol, farkay, in the yellow bags. And chicken stock or whatever you prefer, with all of your ingredients in the bottom of the pot, and simmer for a bit, makes the noodles taste like the stock omg yummy…  probably about ten minutes boil. oh so good.

Now I want some

Or the 2 bags of fresh ones in the bottom of the pile at OverPricey that aren’t all green mould.

Farkay FTW.

they’re only like $1 at maverick mart.

Teh best.

Yeah, I like Farkay…awesome. :smiley:

roses has a big bag of noodles, my misses always gets them, same or better than farkay, and alot cheaper. ichiban is ussually cheap there as well.

anyone seen a good deal on China Lilly?

I believe at Maverick Mart has a good price on China Lilly. 

Galaxy Gardens Special Chow Mein … mmmmmm …

LOL, I seen a really big bottle of China Lily in the window of the oriental store next to Audio Vision.


Is Audio Vision even open anymore?  Last time I was in town the sign always said “closed”, though I did see the owner rattling around inside late at night once or twice…

it is really pointless to have audio vision…I’m sorry, I used to LOVE going to that store cause they had cool older items and music an crap their, and wicked posters, but now it’s just rotting away and is stupid. Someone said to go to the electronic place by the cash back store on 3rd (cant ever remember then name)to talk with the owners regarding why the heck its’ not open, so if any one is interested, that’s the place to go. ((i never did)) :smile:

The store on 3rd is called East Wind and yes they are the owners of Audio Vision also (although I don’t see why they still have it since they sell similar items)

I have also seen the big bottle of China Lilly in the store next to East Wind also, wonder what the price is lol :smiley:

I thought Audio Vision was a museum.  Didn’t realize it was a store.

I would think that it is a Tax write off.


The owners brother owns Audio Vision, not the owner of East Wind. As far as I know anyways.

They are actually brothers-in-law.  Ray Mar owns Audio Vision.  I believe his wife Irene runs the Neptune and Raffles hotels, and her brother Roy runs East Wind along with his wife Joyce.  At least, that’s teh way it was last time I checked.

Id love to go shopping in audio vision, not only bring back memories, but the have a lot of good stuff.

They have everything, sega, genesis, nintendo, power glove, tvs with wood siding, playstation, dual tape decks, britney spears posters when she was 16, vintage rock tshirts you cant find anymore, knifes, pipes, dvds, cds, tapes, answering machines, old dial phones…  If they had a sale i would surly be the first one there

I wouldn’t give Ray one red cent. I’ve never had any satisfaction from him when recently purchased equipment went bad. He always tried to get me to send it for warranty (within the first 30 days). Law says within 30 days I can demand a replacement.