Re: Census Stats

2006 census stats released today.  Interestingly, Prince Rupert was listed #2 as the Canadian Cities with the largest population loss since 2001.  Kitimat was #1.  BC Stats had put Rupert at roughly 15,200 whcih increased the percentage of policing costs that the city would have to pay to 90% of the total. Stats Canada has us at 12,815 which should prove the municpalities case that our population has not yet increased to numbers above 15,000. … tory/Front … ll&Custom=

We were FIRST in something! #1, FIRST, YAY!!!

[quote]**B.C. DECLINERS

Biggest decliners in actual population**

2006 2001 Change % change

Prince Rupert 12,815 14,643 -1,828 -12.5%

Prince George 70,981 72,406 -1,425 -2.0%

Kitimat 8,987 10,285 -1,298 -12.6%

Terrace 11,320 12,109 -789 -6.5%

Port Hardy 3,822 4,574 -752 -16.4%

Quesnel 9,326 10,044 -718 -7.1%

Mackenzie 4,539 5,206 -667 -12.8%

Fort St. James 1,355 1,927 -572 -29.7%

Lillooet 2,324 2,741 -417 -15.2%

Houston 3,163 3,577 -414 -11.6%[/quote]

Can’t wait to see how Council smiles through this one!

First in what? First on the list? Yay!!A seagull shit on the dock, lets throw a party.!!!

Hey, maybe build a gambling centre, it apparently is the barometer as to how well your town is going to do.  It’s one of the indicators that Mayor Herb is using to showcase the rejuvenation of Rupert.

Gambling Centre seems a bit of an overstatement dontcha think? Anyway I am guessing you are not pro “Gambling Centre” , which will only have slots and Bingo. I wish there would be more to it than what is planned, maybe some card games or roullete.

Actually I’m rather ambivalent about the thing, neither particularly for or against it. Might even pop in from time to time when it’s finished. It’s just another place for folks here to go to in their spare time and lose their money if they have any to lose.

My only point was that it’s hardly the thing to generate the kind of jobs that promise riches beyond ones dreams.

I’m sure it will fill a niche, but as far as replacing the types of jobs and paycheques that have left town over the last five years, well I don’t quite see how this industry is the kind of employment and wealth generator that the old industrial type jobs provided. 

There seems to be some skepticism still about the future of employemnt in Rupert.  Obviously we have a long way  to go to replace the lost jobs from the Mill.  There are, however, some positive developments that are coming our way.  We have many construction jobs currently with the Port project, Acropolois replacement, pellet plant and the gaming center.  Royop is going to begin construction of the new mall on the Hydro lands this year.  There is also the impending windfarm project and Westpac Terminals which is still in the environmental review stage but is expected to be operational by 2009.  These will not only create contruction jobs but will create long-term, permanent industrial jobs. 

Although Sun Wave has been quiet I find it hard to believe that the site will sit dormant long term.  There is too much going on here and terrific potential for that location if they dont re-open the mill.  The military is looking at placing a reserve base here.  The first new sub-division is about to begin construction on Edwards St… There are rumours of residential developments between Eagle Dr. and Crestview as well as a development at Butze.

Dairy Queen, Quizno’s, Boston Pizza, Pizza Hut and Canadian Tire are a few major retailers that have shown interest in expanding into our community.

The following is an excerpt from an article on that was relaeased yesterday:

[quote]Pond says residents have been beaten down by hard times so long that it’s taken outsiders to recognize the city’s potential.

“It’s natural that people, while they want to hope and believe that tomorrow could be better than today, there is a reluctance to kind of invest yourself emotionally there,â€[/quote]

Well I didn’t get any of that from your other post, but maybe what Mayor Herb was trying to get at was to show everyone just how “cosmopolitan” our little resource based town really is, by showcasing our new bingo hall! lmao nice?

Welcome back Finghaz!  We missed you!

I really don’t agree with the idea that our Gaming Center is being showcased to showcased to show how “cosmopolitan” that our little town really is.  The only thing that I think that Herb Pond is good at is being a salesman.  He’s sold himself to the community (although there are many that would like to trade him in) and he’s selling Rupert to the world.  I feel though that Don Krusel should get most of the recognition for the current direction of our town.  Herb is just riding coat tails.

Reminds me of Field of Dreams.  “If you build it they will come”.  The port is being built and the world is showing up on our doorstep.

You seem to be mistaken Bill. 

Actually I think we do agree, I was being sarcastic about Herbs.

“Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”

What makes you think it’s Fingahz, Bill? 

Quitting HTMF and coming back with a different name is a popular thing to do, but I’m curious why you think that ismellfish is fingahz?

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Someone sent me this last week.


Be proud of your city and it’s people even if it’s not perfect.

there’s that word again “respect”