Re: Carlos Santana at his best

Go to:

…and click on “Watch Now”

a whole hour of simply great music.

Especially at 14:54 min into the video with “Maria”…just great!

Im not really a fan of him at all.  I hate how he plays guitar in all these new pop songs.
He’s really really old stuff is better

I second this. :smile:

This isn’t to denigrate his contributions to music in general, just a deep dissatisfaction I get when I try to listen to him. But otherwise, a definitely influential player, indeed!

Ugh… my mom has pretty much every album Carlos has ever been a part of.  I can’t stand the stuff.

LOL, you should be a music critic, concise, to the point and not swayed by outside opinions… :smiley:

I really liked Abraxas.  I wasn’t too big on his last few albums where he had a whole bunch of people singing with him.  I’d rather he wrote for and played with his own group.

I like black magic woman and some of his stuff from that era.