Re: camera problems - help!?

I’ve got a Pentax MZ-30… it’s a film camera…
It’s been having trouble advancing the film properly, so has been overlapping some of the frames. For example, a few days ago, I managed to take 31 pictures on my 24-exposure roll of film before it got to the end. :astonished:
It’s done it occasionally since I’ve had the camera, but now it’s been a few rolls in a row and I keep forgetting to take it to get checked out.
Any ideas?  :?

If you’ve ever looked closely at a camera in the inside, you’ll notice thats there are little plastic gears, or sprockets.  It almost sounds like theres a few teeth or something missing or broken off these sprockets… Of couse I don’t have your camera in front of me, but that just my guess.  Take it to a camera shop, and see what they think…

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m about halfway through my current roll - so once it’s done, I guess I’ll have to take it in.  :neutral_face: Hopefully it’s something fixable.