Re: Blood by the CIBC

Has anyone noticed the blood this morning beside the CIBC? My wife, and I were driving last night at about 12-12:30, and saw someone getting their face beat in. The person, that was on the receiving end, must have suffered some sort of injuries, as he was extremely bloody, and lost quite a lot of blood. I stopped as the guy was just standing up, however the assailent had already started to leave. Luckily for the other guy, he had a couple of friends that tried to help him.

Yes there was a lot of blood on the sidewalk by the corner of the building. I thought it was blood but figured there was so much of it that it might have been something that was spilled. Sorry to hear it was as a result of someone getting beaten up. :frowning:

Anyone know what happened next to Shopper’s Drug Mart around 4:50-5:00 this evening?

A couple of police cars and an ambulance, and someone in the middle of the road?

two violent acts on day one of the anbt.  I am sure it is just a Coincidence.

From what I’ve heard is someone got hit by a car in that intersection.

Oh for God’s sake.

Yeah, that blood was nasty!  And I saw it AFTER it was cleaned up!

Sounds to me that someone got hit real hard near the crosswalk but I do not believe a car.

The assailent would’ve stayed longer, but his female friend pulled him away… across third and up Fulton.  The guy left on the corner was left with a severely beaten head and face.  There was so much blood that I couldn’t even make out if he was white or otherwise.  The three of them got into a cab and drove (quite slowly) up Fulton… I continued down Third.  Did you notice he left his ball cap?  lol

That’s pretty narrow minded…bet the next thing out of your mouth is “I’m not a racist”.