Re: Blackberry Storm 2

Anyone have or had a Blackberry Storm 2 cellphone . How are they ?? Easy to use ?? Any comments would be great. thanks

I wouldn’t go near one. RIM has pretty much written off the Storm. I’d go for an android phone like the HTC Hero.

Engadget does a pretty good review of the phone here: … pressions/

“Verizon has elected to bury the phone’s launch beneath a pile of Google – it’s an underwhelming experience for today’s multimedia-centric, ADHD-afflicted buyer.”

Thanks there Lemrac but the problem is no android network in Rupert,but whats the big problem with the Storm

How do you mean there’s no android network?

I wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy S but was told it wont work here dosent support droid needs to be evdo network

Is this Citywest saying this stuff about “no droid network?”

Buy Android from Google if you can find one + Order a SIM card that uses Rogers network = Problem solved

Yes Mig it was citywest telling me about no droid

Yeah, I think it’s because Citywest uses CDMA, while Rogers, Telus and Bell all use GSM & HSPA now.  

So any of those carriers should work with newer phones.  If Citywest can’t sell you the phone you want, try Telus, Rogers or Bell.

Here’s the phone you want on Bell’s site:

And yes, it will work in Rupert.  It’s not a “droid” network it needs.  It’s an HSPA network.  Same as the iPhone and all those other new phones.