RCMP catch a bunch of reckless drivers on the highway

On our way to Rupert this afternoon, we were passed by a group of vans and minivans on the highway.  A couple of them had rental stickers on them.

I was doing the speed limit, on cruise control, and these drivers were passing like maniacs – crossing on the double solid line, passing just before a turn, accelerating and passing at a construction area (gave the flag guy a heart attack, he was waving his sign like a madman!).

I kept thinking that it was too bad all the Rupert cops were busy trying to catch people who only stopped for 2.5 seconds at the stop sign in front of the liquor store, 'cause these crazy drivers desperately needed tickets.

Well, after the construction area, on the big straight section near the gas company compound, the RCMP had a roadblock set up.  They were waving some cars through, and telling others to pull to the side of the road.  I thought “Awesome!  Somebody must have called them, maybe the construction guys.”  But how did they know which cars to detain?

That’s when the black truck behind us turned on his lights and met the 3 other police cars in the roadblock.  He had been back there all along, and presumably had radioed ahead, and recorded which vehicles were driving recklessly.  As we approached, I rolled down the window to protest my innocence, but was just waved through.  I heard one of the mounties say: “No, not that car, but definitely that black honda for sure.”

How cool is that?  A bunch of tickets being given out to people who deserved them?


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Did you get pictures of license plates for your 66plates?  You could have a section of plates/fines paid pictures.

Nah, none of the plates were of the 63 plates that I needed.  I think I need 14 more, BTW.  Yes, I’m a nerd. 

I’m glad to see you have that story posted, we were driving by just as I saw you taking pictures–we thought there was a manhunt going on or something!!

Taking photos of the RCMP in action?

That’s a tazin’!!