RCMP Building borrowing petition

so the city wants to borrow the 25 million without a referendum, how nice, anyone know where there is a petition to bring it to referendum is so I can sign it? it is kind of funny the city has no design or bids on the building but they are saying it will cost around 25 million, they claim they have money in reserve to start the project, but after taking out 4 million from reserves for the CN building I doubt they have much left. So if anyone knows if there is a petition to bring this to referendum please post it thanks

Is your goal to bring it a referendum with the hope that people will not vote for it? If the federal government is going to build it if the City doesn’t, what is your end game? Would you prefer that they built it and billed the City?

I don’t like it either but it doesn’t seem we have much choice in the matter, other than developing our own local police force and using the current decrepit building which comes with it’s own set of challenges and expenses.

yes, for how can we vote for something before they had plans and bids put in, I want to see an actual bid for the building first or an actual estimate built on an actual design. they want to borrow 25 million and for us to trust them with that money. maybe the cost is around 10 million we just gave them another 15 million for what? do not forget these are the ppl that said the CN building was going to be paid for with grant money, but lo and behold it is only 300,000 grant money and the rest is city money.