RCMP Advisory

“On Thursday, March 18th, at approximately 7:00 p.m. a 10 year old child was walking on Sloan Avenue in Prince Rupert with her dog.  A male approximately 20 years old approached the child on foot and asked her to come to his place.  He offered her candy and told her that he had a puppy at his place and that she should come and see it.  The child kept saying “Noâ€

just wondering how they know he had a rose tatoo if he had a long sleeve shirt on? just wondering.

Got the message this afternoon,  from the school district.  Good use of the notification system.

Great parenting as it led to the child doing the safe thing,  and good on the child for the great description.

Interesting first post…hmmmm

lol couldnt remember my password, i used to be phatboy5

Maybe his sleeves were pulled up.

I hope the creeper is found…and smacked around

someone should take him fishing.

Donate him to science, they can do experiments piece by piece while alive.

Someone knows this man.

With any luck he’s out fishing right now.

Crab bait?

No that would be illegal.  Though i hear horrible accidents happen on fishing boats all the time. It’d be a shame for him to get caught up in a net or to fall overboard during a storm.

There is no cure for the pedophile…voluntary treatment?
Should study the inside of a commercial crab trap…LMAO


Lets hope they find this creep…

This is so classic, candy and puppies, that it sounds like a hoax.
If that’s the case, and the guy simply wanted to scare the girl, then he got himself into a lot of trouble and created a lot of trouble for all the people who put out the warning

Yeah, the guy has put himself in a lot of hot water.  I hope they locate him.

Might want to check this particular girl’s story, might just be coming up with a why I was late excuse, if this guy is out there then he’s using a pretty old come-on.

Old come on to u but not a kid they haven’t been around long enough!!!All kids like puppies and candy!!!

It is pretty pathetic when we have to second-guess a “victims’” story but we all know it happens  :|

You’re right they all do like puppies and candy and a younger child, perhaps one that is 5 years of age might fall for that, but a 10-year old who’s been told over and over again in the course of her life not to go with strangers makes a poor target.