Russia’s greatest love machine?

I like to think so.

Ra Ra Rasputin

Instead of writing a report on Rasputin for Russian History class… I simply analyzed the song instead. Still got an A. Gotta love Hondo.

Is Vladimir Putin a descendant of Ras Putin?

Rasputin must have been his last name. His full name was probably, “Dave Rasputin,” or something along those lines.

Grigori/Dave, same thing.

On the night of December 29/December 30, 1916 (16 December according to the Julian calendar that was still used in Russia at the time), Yusupov invited Rasputin to his palace on the pretext of his wife Irina needing his attentions as a healer. In a dining room in the palace basement, the two plied their guest with wine and cakes laced with potassium cyanide. The poison was ineffective, possibly because Rasputin was a heavy drinker and thus he suffered from achlorhydria (an absence of stomach acid, which is required to transform harmless potassium cyanide into lethal hydrogen cyanide), which meant that the poison had no effect on him. Alternatively, the sugars in the wine and cakes may have inhibited the cyanide, or the chemical used may have been non-toxic either deliberately or accidentally. A book by Edvard Radzinsky claims Yusupov may have deliberately fluffed the murder, because he was in love with Rasputin.

When the Siberian peasant failed to die, they shot Rasputin three times in the chest, back and head, and beat him around the head with a dumb-bell handle. They then tied the purported corpse into a sheet and dropped it through a hole in the ice into the river Neva, where the sturdy peasant finally drowned, having drifted under the ice, still fighting to free himself.

A rumor at the time held that Rasputin’s penis was much larger than that of a “regular” man. At one point during the process of the disposing of the body, one or more of the conspirators unzipped his pants and checked its length. It was normal-sized.


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