Post randoms if you don’t know what a random is it’s pretty much making a sentance of complete disorganized and random purpose.

Ever feel like taking a grain of salt and smashing it into the worlds atmosphere?


Ever taken a pool cue and picked ur nose with it?

I guess it could explain blue boogers.


Recent desktop background of mine.

Man, this board is going to need a forum for shamless spamming sometime.

Tricep mambo quintessential.

What film is this quote from?

I think its “Bring It On”

P.S. I did a google search on it.

Shit, too late. Thanks for your oustanding effort and zeal, though.

what makes things glow in the dark???

does our vision really improve when we squint?

this thread is great, I love it! randomness itself is a misnomer, everything is equally probable, its just when patterns that humans can identify show up in stuff, it seems out of place or beyond your expectations of what would happen.

I bet you do well in Vegas?

Mine does!


Mine does![/quote]

Mine too. I wish the world was as accepting of squinters as it is to people with glasses.


If I purposely tear up my eyes a bit than blink a few times it gets slightly better for like a few seconds than it goes to shit again.


I bet you do well in Vegas?[/quote]

if you’re going to vegas to make a living your crazy,

and i have sufficiently disconnected myself from the “possibility” of the fantasy of being instantly rich through some sort of deus ex machina from my day to day travails that i dont let myself get titillated by gambling.

fill a bag with 7 cubes, labelled 1-7. the odds of you pulling them out in numerical order is the exact same as any other order. its just because numerical order has significance that you’d be impressed by the ‘randomness’ of pulling it in that order.

i kind of like the basic idea of the thread, as it appeals to my enjoyment of a good joke or koan.