Older MB, asus with a K6-400 AMD. Only had 128M so picked up a 256M pc133

Old ram was PC100 but thought the ram would clock down. Put it into the first simm slot moved the other 64 to the back…

booted up and it only shows me 261M, thought it should have been 384M Ok so start fiddling with timings and ram and stuff…then tried the new 256M simm by itself and the MB only sees 128M. No matter what I do, this 256M simm only is recognized as 128M.

Now, is this simm only 128M then? Or is this MB just not seeing it as its supposed to be, a 256M simm?

I have not fiddled with hardware hardly at all in the last 4yrs (Ive only built two PC’s in that time…i’m very slow to upgrade) so I’m kind of rusty at this stuff.

any thoughts?

It’s the motherboard i have had the same problem.

update the bios vms if you need help message me tonght on msn…!