Rainbow Lake

Went out to Rainbow Lake and I was happy to see the water level so high but sad to see fish guts and eggs dumped all over the boat ramp and broken glass/nails spread all over the some what of a beach. No picnicking there for me today. Next time I am going the bring a rake, gloves and a few more garbage bags.

I hate it when people go out into nature to have a good time, then leave a mess behind them. Then the next people have to clean up the mess before they can have THEIR good time.

Frustrating. Rainbow lake is such a pretty place, whoever you are, if you made the mess get out there and clean it up!!!

We spent the weekend there (left Sunday) no fish guts, but we did have to clean up glass from around the campsite area, my husband also found 4 needles (caps on).  It was pretty disgusting.  I wish people would have more respect for the environment, it doesnt take alot of effort to clean up your mess!

  Last year my spouse and I took rakes and shovels to prudhomme lake turnoff and cleaned all the nails and glass from the countless pallet fires,our dogs gut stuck with them. We returned this year to the same mess and cleaned it again but this will be the last time. They have to put the fire right were one accesses the lake and jumps off the pointy rock, hooligans I tell ya.

SOME PEOPLES KIDS!!!  :unamused:

You can’t get in there anymore anyways, if it’s the same place I’m thinking of, they’ve blocked it off.

Who is responsible for upkeep at Oliver Lake? I saw some a city truck (complete with a city worker) out there last week emptying the big bear garbage cans, but is there anyone responsible for cleaning up the park itself? (eg. Taking a rake and getting rid of the glass and nails that surround every single fire pit for a few meters.)