RAID for dummies

Anyone install a RAID array in their system before?

When I installed Windows XP I didn’t install the RAID drivers because I didn’t think I would be setting up an array. Now that I have decided to, do I need to reinstall Windows again?

I suspect I could just get away with inserting the install disc… doing an OS repair and then installing the drivers that way. I’ve never done a repair before though. Does it give you the “F6 to install drivers” option again? An OS repair shouldn’t cause everything I’ve installed back into Windows to disapear will it?

They need to make better documentation for this shit.

BTW for the record I’m trying to install a RAID 1 array with one new out of the box drive and one existing drive with Windows already installed on it. I have a Silicom Image hardware RAID built into my MSI K8N Neo4 Plat motherboard.