Radar rangers

On CBC Daybreak there was an item on radar speed enforcement on forestry roads.
I only caught a bit of it but I believe the idea was endorsed by logging truck drivers.
I find this a bit ironic having driven the high way between here and Vancouver many times. I always keep to the posted speed limit. I cant count the number of times I have had a logging truck behind me, usually at an unsafe distance! Even if you are going faster that the posted speed,(and with a Kenworth or Death Star on you back bumper you usually have to go over the limit) these guys will ALWAYS pass! Many times when it has been unsafe to do so. And when they are by you they don’t slow down.
Instead of trying to police logging roads, why don’t the police crack down on these idiots on the main hi ways? This is where the general public drive.

I can’t say that I ever remember seeing the speed limit ever posted on a logging road.  It’s probably a good idea and will keep some of the forestry “cops” busy and the backroads safer.  Anyone know what the limits are for gravel logging roads?

I heard the same thing on the CBC, and the guy said that unless otherwise posted, forest service roads are 80 km/h.

Wow - I have never had a loaded logging truck pass me, and the only times I have seen a semi pass anyone is when the driver of the car in front of them was going exceedingly slow - usually through the canyon and lower than the posted speed limit.  I’m not saying that all truck drivers are fantastic drivers, but it’s pretty rare that I’ve seen a bad driver of one.  If I do, it’s usually in bigger cities where they won’t signal when changing lanes, speed and/or tailgate. 

As for speed limits on forestry roads - while I like the idea in principle, I think I would rather have cops on public roads/highways enforcing the law.  I would highly recommend that you have a radio before using one of those forestry roads so that you can use it to announce your presence to the truckers.  I speak from experience - almost getting plowed over by a loaded logging truck that was ripping around a corner as I was heading for the corner in my tiny little car.  I veered off the road just in time to miss being pasted.  Use those radios! 

Being a truck driver myself, my point of view on this will be different than most of yours. If you have a big truck on your ass you should probably consider it a warning that you are going to get passed. That said, if you encounter a reasonably long straight stretch or break in oncoming traffic, let the truck by. It takes a distance for a truck to accelerate, and most non owner operated rigs are governed near 110kph so keep that in mind. I can’t think of an Alberta forestry road that I have been on that doesn’t have radar controlled signs or road cops on it.