Race track gas gone!

Race track gas is gone!

Where has it gone? Did aliens abduct it?

Petro Canada bought them out. It’s still going to be the same service and such, and I think they’re going to be putting in a touchless car wash. Don’t know that for sure though.

it will only be a cool touchless carwash if they have that same guy from TV with the horrible voice that does the kitsum kalum ads to do the petro ads

I don’t think it had anything to do with not running it properly. Petro Canada is now their gas supplier, it’s still the same everything else.


Well that’s nice, just what Petro Canada needs another gas station, they didn’t make near enough money last year…

So does this mean that the gas and such is no longer tax free for folks with status cards?

I save 12 cents per liter when I use my Petro card. if I dont i save 10 cents per liter.

hehe :smiley:

EVERYTHING IS THE SAME. Just different gas supplier. :unamused:

AHHHH…membership has its privelges eh?..

where did race track gas come from then?

There’s more than one Race Trac Gas station out there you know.

I go to Race Trac Gas cause they are the only ones who pump the gas for you.  I know how, I just don’t want to.  Also I combine getting gas with a trip to the Recycle Depot.  I have been pushing John Purdy for ages for a touchless car wash.  That will be one more reason to go there.

It means Grassy Bay Services will now be supplied by PetroCan. Race Trak is no longer the supplier.

lol astro has his own “status” as a petro card member.  thats dope.