Sure got quiet here all of a sudden

Ha ha, no doubt!

Hey there Princess

Hey, how’s it going?

You know what Mrs. Gandhi used to say:

" Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"  :-D

its because mcsash is eating shit again.! DAM HIM!!

Hey Princess, did my ex give you permission to use her picture for your avatar?
Oh wait, that’s a sword in her hand not a bottle… she probably paid you to use it…

Dang, she sounds like a hot momma!

One karma from me my dear  :smile:

O le mama, I’m now even ZERO karma
Well I’m quitting now that I’m ahead
Bye all


Dang it, I was having fun!

Hey Princess lol tomorrow is another day  lol

By the sound of it, we might have the same ex.