Questions Regarding Terrace

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to living in Northern BC.  However, I did visit Kitimat, Terrace and Rupert back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  I have a few questions in regards to some businesses in Terrace:

  1. Where was the Co-op store located?  When did it close down?
  2. Is the present McDonalds in Terrace the same McDonalds that was there back in 80’s?  For some reason I remember a McDonalds that was more on the edge of town.  Maybe I just have a bad memory.

Thanks to anybody who can answer my questions!

Wasn’t the co op near where safeway is now?

And as far as the mcdonalds goes, Prince Rupert had the first one in northern BC. As far as I know, that’s the stories my dad has told me. Maybe I’m wrong.

you’re wrong.  Back in my day we had to make trips to terrace to get our fill of greasy shitty burgers.

Now take your bike and get the fuck off my lawn… damn kids.

Wrong…terrace had first mcdonalds…same location…

I could be wrong but I believe that coop was across that railway bridge as you head towards the Super store, Walmart and such, you would have turned right once you went across that bridge (from Rupert drive all the way through Terrace as you drive behind the Skeena Mall the bridge is on your right) can’t remember the name of the street at the moment and honestly I’m too lazy to google map it.

Wasn’t the Co-op just down the street from where Staples is now? The big abandoned building just before where Sears is. The store was almost two halves. One side food, the other household, hunting and sports. On Greig Avenue before it meets Kalum St.

Google Map

Yes exactly where it was been there a few times before


CrazyMike you are correct, the old Co-op is between Best Western and Keenleyside Insurance. As for MacDonalds, same place.  Terrace is always looking at improving the community, with many organizations that work together, it is amazing how much has gotten done. Their volunteer bureau and beautification societies working together, perhaps PR could start something like that here also.