Questions about moving to Prince Rupert

Hi, hope you don’t mimd me posting this question here. I found this forum when i was searching for information avoit Price Rupert.

So I am considering moving here when I retire in a few years and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good realtor. As well as advics on which parts of town to avoid living in. I am looking for somewhere quiet but also pedestrian friendly, as well as safe. Or any other general advice you may have about living in Prince Rupert if you don’t mind taking the time to share. Thanks

I’ve used Mike Morse in the past. Was awesome, and honest. Didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. He also seemed to know the market as a whole, not just bits and pieces.

If I decide to sell my house in Prince Rupert, I’ll definitely be using him again!

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Thank you, I will check him out.

Ive lived here my hole life ,only thing holding me here is the fact that im my moms only care taker.This town is now a dump in about every way imaginable.But your welcome to it.