Question: roofing guys

So I’m new in Rupert and need to have some work done on the roof of my house. Who do I call? Lots of names in the yellow pages, but who is the best/dependable? May be a small job or large job, not sure. If you have any expereinces with contractors, please post.

If you wanted it done next year you would have had to of called them last year. Theres not a whole lot of good weather in this town as you can tell, so theres not very many breaks in the weather for them to be able to roof. On top of the rain, we also get alot of wind here, which causes a bunch of wind damage, they that adds to the endless lineup of roofing calls. I think theres only 2 companies left in town, I may be wrong though. Eby’s if probably the best.

I hope you find someone good. I’m sure the waiting list isn’t as bad as Delerious is saying. Sorry I can’t suggest someone… I’ve been lucky enough not to need a roofer yet and I don’t give reccomendations like this unless they are based on personal experience. Anything other than personal experience is just rumour and virtually useless to you.

You might try talking to some of your neighbors. Sure as hell someone around you has had a roof done lately.


My brother/uncle would probably do it PM me and ill give you their names/numbers. They are pretty busy thouhg so no guarantees

J and J Construction does roofing. I think they will do a good job for you.

Rupert Wood and Steel did ours along with a contractor from Terrace who specialized in metal roofs.

Wood and Steel does great work, but great work comes at a price. Has anyone used Island Roofing? They have a big truck, looks impressive.

Definately comes at a price. They soaked my mom for an incredible amount that was $3000 more than the mid-job estimate.

Check for Eric VanTankeren - He’s a private contractor as well an ebys emplyoee Good guy, Good Work. Tell him tim sent you

Im not sure if Island Roofing still exsists after that electrocution accident, when they were working on Jim West’s building.

I am sure that their truck has been moving around town on a few job sites as of late.

I would agree with Studly - try J and J Construction. I have personally had work done by them and was very happy with their work. Very reasonable and practical, stuck to the quoted price, started and finished when they said they would, and have enough tradesman carpenters and roofers on staff.

As well J&J showed up when they said they would to provide a quote - quite unlike some other contracters (including Rupert Wood and Steel) who never showed up in spite of the fact the appts were scheduled (some twice) - and when I miss work to meet them and they don’t show up - no business from me (and I have a very long memory).

Although Rupert Wood and Steel do a very good job they are very expensive - and my experience dealing with them through work makes me question if the value is really there for the price they charge.

Island Roofing is still in business. Call Pat and he might be able to get to you by next year, or the year after. Jim says he does excellent work.