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if i wanted all the xp drivers for my hp pavillion dv6000 where would i get them and type in your model number of your computer, is this a laptop ? some laptops will NOT work with xp, its specifically designed for vista, been there when the techs in the room are swearing and yelling at hp because they made certain laptops and desktops NOT compatible with xp : dunno why they did it but they did.

LMK how it goes.

wheres the model number

On the bottom of the computer DUH!

Ran into this yesterday on a Toshiba downgrade. Simply don’t have XP drivers for some of the stuff. … goryId=411

If you visit the official HP forums, there are lots of threads about successfully “downgrading” to XP. I have a laptop in the DV6000 family (DV6704CA), and I was able to find everything I needed there.

It’s important to get your exact model number and have an idea of what kind of hardware is in your laptop. Even within the DV6000 family, some of them have Atheros wireless chips, others have Broadcom. There are also different models that use Intel vs. AMD CPUs, and Nvidia vs. ATI GPUs.

Yep, hp’s the same way with some of the models, They just didn’t make the drivers, when you install it it all goes ok then you reboot and BSOD’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I think pretty much anyone could have answered your question

If billy would learn to use Google he could answer most of his own quesitons.

Hey now, sometimes people don’t like to learn things on their own. :unamused:

I agree.

It’s sad really.
It’s so much more empowering when you aquire the knowledge yourself instead of just asking someone for the answer. But I guess in todays society that just isn’t a reality anymore.

Stop telling people about this google thing.  It will put me out of a job.

I dunno how many times I take a phone call with a tech support question, and just type it into google.

LOL, ok then send Billy a bill :stuck_out_tongue:

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First secret rule of The Guild.

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