Question about Hungry Hill

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I have a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time now.  Where did Hungry Hill (just outside Houston on Highway 16 toward Smithers) get its name?

Wouldn’t it be because of the gas you consume driving up it?

Read the plaque at the pull out on the hill.

Its called hungry hill because of the huge 1500 lb grizzly’s that were eating the farmer’s cows , not one but 2 grizzlys

I was always told it was named Hungry hill because it used to eat so many cars, they couldn’t make it up the hill, back in the old days.

Photographer’s Notes
During the horse and buggy days it was called hungry hill, because by the time you reached the top you were hungry

I was told, long ago, by my Daddy…that it is called,“Hungry Hill” for all the transmissions it has eaten from various cars and trucks over the years…

Yep, me too. … ungryhill/

here is the story from the info plaque at the hungry hill rest stop … ungry-hill

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My father told me it was named that because back in the day most horses had to stop and eat somewhere on that hill.

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I am pretty sure that the bear is on display in the Smithers Airport. My children always ask to stop in to have a look at it when we are travelling through.

Yeah one of them,  i think theres alot more than we know,  of im talking 100’s of grizzly’s in that area ,  just 2 really really big ones  that like to eat cows and disapear .

  Wow…the story was intense…thanks for posting it