Q about laptops

what should i use to clean off an LCD screen without damaging it?

I’ve used windex before. Just spray it on a paper towel then wipe the screen. Eyeglass cleaner also works.

Water, just water.

You can buy some screen cleaner at radioshack for about 10 bucks.

1) Fill bathtub with 31[sup]o[/sup]C water.

2) Mix in 1 cup lysol, 1 cup vim, 1 cup ky warming liquid, and 1L gasoline.

3) Stir, I usually use a beachball for stirring.

4) Submerse Laptop (make sure power is ON)

5) Scrup laptop with steel wool, then sand paper, gradually going from 80 grit to 123,000 grit.

6) Dry with iron.

What’s the name of the plastic sheet you can stick to LCD screens to prolong their cleanliness? I’d like to get one for my camera… I’m sick of cleaning the fingerprints off the LCD all the time.

i call mine “Iggy”… don’t know other ones names…