Pwned by -=FLU=- V1ru5

So here I am, shivering while I’m sweating, in a room thats near 30 degrees. So sore, as if I missed the Pali-Gap on my bike, and bruised every joint and muscle in my body… Thankfully, my other bodily functions seem to be keeping in in bed or on the couch instead of on the bathroom floor, but man, I can’t wait for this to end.

Any voodoo or chinese medicine tricks out there I should be trying? I heard something about eating snake juice is good… Other than that, if I can work up the energy, a trip to get some echanacia sp? and stuff might become a reality, later on

Our household was sick a couple of weeks ago. Don’t bother with echinacea…if it works for you, you wouldn’t be sick. My mother takes it at the very first indication of a sniffle and it kicks her immune system into gear. It’s never worked for me. I’ve heard it’s one of those power-of-suggestion drugs, and if it “works” for my Ma it probably is! :wink:

So double your fluid intake - hot tea is what I rely on, decaf of course because you need to rest! Stay away from pop and sugary drinks. We used the Tylenol nighttime variation of acetaminophen…maybe it’s got some sleep aid ingredients to help you sleep.

How long have you been sick? Maybe a trip to the Dr is in order. If you’ve been sick for 5 days or so a friendly doc might write you a Rx. Hope you’ve feeling better soon.

Enough beer to forget about your pain should do it.

I’m considering today to be day one. Yesterday I was a little sniffly with the occasional cough, but this morning, holy I am done. Beer and sugary juice is all thats in my fridge… So mad, I just jumped into a shower and there is no hot water… I’m i’m waiting for pneumonia to kick in :frowning:

Yeah, just drink a whole shit load of water and take as much cough medicine as you can without going into liver failure.

I had a similar cold a while ago, whole body aches, hard time sleeping, sweating. It was super! It goes away though.

I just got over that last nasty flu that started on Boxing day and ended about a week ago… NOT FUN!!!.. For the last 2 months of it though, I just go use to it, and ignored most of the symptoms. A Friend down in California who is in Med school, said to drink lots of water… Beer has water in it i thought to myself… nuff said.