Purolator - Shipping . . Out?

Hello HTMF, I was wondering if it’s possible to ship from Prince Rupert’s Purolator to say Ontario?

I have a piece of equipment that is defective that is luckily under warranty and was hoping to ship with Purolator because they’re a familiar face to me :stuck_out_tongue: It will be replaced if I can actually get it out of Prince Rupert and on the way to ontario  :cry:

yes I know I should just go ask them, but it’s 11 PM and I’m in dire need of a confirmation ASAP  :sunglasses:

even so, if nobody can fill me in I’ll be heading down there in the PM tomorrow

Yep you can ship clear across Canada with Purolator.  We use them every day for incoming and outgoing.

Yea–they will. Just make sure you know your destination and you’ll be good to go. Credit or Cash only, if I remember correctly.

Awesome! Thank you, smartass :smiley:

The company I am shipping to has given me strict regulations and guidelines as to how I ship the parcel, I believe I’ll have to have Purolator print out a label for me as I don’t think regular printer paper will cut it on the journey across Canada :frowning:

Another question if you don’t mind, would Purolator be able to provide a box and some foam perhaps?

I’d most likely pay for those too, I’m just eager to get this thing moving :wink:


Thanks eccentric, yeah I’ll be writing the address and stuff out and hopefully purolator will be able to make some heavy duty label for me :stuck_out_tongue:

The Purolator office here is in the Slickers building.  I’d be surprised if they had “Purolator” boxes.  Probably better off finding a box on your own and get some  bubble wrap.  Regular paper will work fine for a label, just cover it with packing tape so it doesn’t get wet or anything.

You can buy a box and some bubblewrap at the dollar store for far less what they’d charge you at the post office.  I say post office, because I don’t think Purolator has packing materials for you.

Ok thank you everyone, I’ll be buying the materials needed at the dollar store then and be shipping with Purolator, or which in your opinion would be a better choice? Purolator or Post Office?

Depends on how fast you want it to get there, and how big the box is.  You can also do ExpressPost at the Post Office.

If the company said to use a courier, go with Purolator instead of Canada Post.

Purolator is Canada Post, by the way.  Xpresspost is just fine if you want it to be traceable.  Most small packages are about $13 or so to Ontario with Xpresspost.   

Ya I wasn’t sure if Purolator was still part of Canada Post since the aquisition of UPS.

If you have to ship it out courier (if the company said courier) they dont count xpress post as courier. Purolator takes the same amount of time as xpresspost but costs twice as much. Purolator isn’t canada post, this is why there’s a different drop depot for purolator, why would canada post pay a store to hold packages when they already have two places that can hold packages? Slickers as a business will let you have a random boot box or something for free, they have quite a few sizes of boxes, if you ask, but “purolator” doesn’t sell any packaging materials in rupert.

Yeah, Canada Post owns Purolator.  They just keep them separate so as not to be seen as abusing a monopoly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Xpresspost and other products take the exact same planes, etc as Purolator’s products.  They are different market segments, though. 

Almost all my suppliers use Sooner_R_Later…
and I harrass Steve, the delivery guy whenever something arrives overnight. OMG you didn’t deliver it to Fort St John first…

When I ship it is exclusively XPress post. 1/2 the price (or less), 48 hr delivery, no BS. Your local post office even sells boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. $100 insurance included, 95c for each additional $100 insurance.

I’ve never been able to understand how they can pick up orders from one supplier in Richmond, and from another two doors down on the same Thurs afternoon, and one shows up here Friday morning, the other Tues or Weds.

I’m not trying to argue with you or anything, but where did you here that Canada Post owns Purolator?



Canada Post owned 100% at one point, but they’ve floated some public shares (roughly 9%) to get a market valuation.  Something Citywest should do :wink:

Again, I’m not sure if they share planes or not, but it would make sense. 

hmm, thanks, I work at the Puro Depot and wasn’t even aware that Canada Post owned Purolator… lol

Heh, the story about how they got their name is neat.  Pure Oil Later. 

I believe the stuff we get through Purolator and UPS is trucked in from a plane in Terrace.  I’m not sure if their parcels actually fly out of Rupert.

They are not flown until prince george, even if you pay the extra for it to be shipped air. So if anyone is interested, dont ever ship air to Vancouver, it arrives the same day as ground but u pay a bunch more! So dumb. haha