~~pure breed blue nose pitbull puppy~~

$600 OTHER OFFERS CONSIDERED ^.^ CALL ME AT 250 622 2456 FOR MORE QUESTIONS, AND ASK FOR DEBORAH. His name is Tank :smile: hes seven months old and very lovable and great with children, I dont want to give him up but we’re moving into a place that doesnt allow pets :'(, just call me at the number above cause im not going to be on here all night :stuck_out_tongue: he needs to be put into a good loving home before April 1st 2012 :smile: Thank You.

To anyone who might consider such a dog, please read the city by-laws as they apply to these dogs and any other restricted dogs and be prepared to abide by these laws. It is your responsibility.

He was purchased from a Breeder in Quesnel B.C her name is Tyla Heppner and we have the paper work for him and his medical paper as well :smile: hes kennel trained and loves attention from all ages, hes really shy when meeting other dogs but he’ll grow on to them after an hour or so, hes an awesome lovable pup I wish we didnt have to make this decision but its come down to it.

Blue is a colour of a pit bull’s coat. Not a breed. That pup looks black.

Yea we know that pure breed means that both his parents are blue nose, and it doesnt matter what color his coat is, hes a beautiful pup :smile:

I have a friend who was just given a Blue Nose and she is a beauty and also jet black, almost the same coloring as yours! What a beautiful puppy and I am so sorry that your housing issue did not allow for you to keep him. I hope you find a wonderful home for him soon where you know he will be happy.

HE FOUND HIS NEW HOME, THANKS, Dont know how to delete posts…