Pumpkin Hit n' Run

Kinda of an odd thing to do… but yeah, it happened to a dude in Montreal. Those crazy French-Canadians! Oh, he used a camera phone to take the snaps, so I imagine you dial-up whores can even enjoy this.

screenlooking.com/html/index.php … opic&t=174

Holy intensity.

Speaking of whores… Friday nights Pimp n’ Hoe party at Splashes was pretty ‘pimp’. I’ll be returning my mink coat to VV tomorrow in exchange for some halloween stuff. I think I’ll keep the cream colored slacks for golf :wink:

that’s just stupid, ahah who would ruin some ones car like that.

The usual suspects.

i’ve eaten 25 reeses peanut butter cups today

Oddly enough, I enjoy the Reese Piece smarty-type-things much more.

I bet you’re gonna have the silkiest, creamiest feces.

the kandy koating kind of makes me kroak kwickly.

Reese’s Feces
Angels with dirty feces