Pumpkin Carving!

What are you guys carving? Mel and I just carved 2 of 4 pumpkins here… I think the Tux Penguin is sweet. Here’s some pics.

screenlooking.com/html/index.php … =1763#1763

Hah, the Tux is awesome!

Yeah it’s sweet. Everyonethinks I’m retarded. It must be a geek thing… Sadly, his little smile has dried up and now it’s like a curly snarl, which is kinda sweet I guess, but it looks gimped.

Neat. What are you going to do on the other two?

I think Jackie and Geoff might carve them, but if not, I’ll think of something clever. Ooops, I burnt the shit out of the pumpkin seeds…

Tux pumpkin is GREAT!!!
100 pts!

Good ol’ Tux. You should throw him down a snow covered hill when you’re done with him. Get some Tux Racer action happening.

I like your work orangetang. I didn’t carve any this year but here are my creations from last year:

Clifford the Big Red Dog and Shrek!

In the past, I carved Mickey Mouse and the Sith Lord from the Phantom Menace. I don’t have any digital pics of these.