Public Skate or Family Skate

Does anyone know if there are any public skates or family skating on weekends & the time?  I am getting the answering machine at the civic.



answering maching again…lol  but thanks.

This may be relevant to your interests: … ochure.pdf

Because it’s an information line… It IS an answering machine…

Sundays, 2:45 to 4:15 that I know of… Some other times, but not sure when.

why not get some extra exercise and go look for a printed schedule at the civic centre and put it on your fridge

The weekly public and discount skate schedule is available for 2.0/5 download on pg 5 of the Fall 2009 Active Living Guide. … ochure.pdf

Good link. Thanks very much!  :smile:

Yes…thanks Decker & Pureheart.  Excellent.