Public apology

So it seems mcsash was taken back by my comments regarding the boat that floats on water (ocean) and wants an apology for hurting his feelings.
  If I apologize for that open end question then I would have to apologize to all those individuals in this forum for poking fun at them and their open ended questions that I responded too with a smartass remark. I know some of you even laughed at them, so smartass, Mig, eso, CrazyMike, chrisj, ThePodunkian, BigThumb, codybear5, hitest, Coco, Charles_T, Stardog Champion, poolboy, nauticalpixel, 金正日, Richard Langly, nauticalpixel and mcsash, please accept my humble apologies and if I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry.

This is a one time offer; all future open ended questions will be answered with a smartass remark.
You have been warned.

I’m not sure what the hell you’re talking about but I do not accept your apology. There shall be no peace between us. IT’S DEER VERSUS WOLVES!

There now shall be peace between you two:

I eat illegally imported deers and wolves.

Hey, I hear some of your nuclear material that you sent to Syria “for safe keeping” has gone missing.

Something about a bunch of F-15Is a couple of weeks ago … they apparently dropped some bombs on your material … for safe keeping.

Nah Mig you’re mis-informed, nothing happened in Syria, they even say so. … 2FShowFull

And hey they wouldn’t lie would they? :wink:

  No apologies necessary here…I enjoyed your posts and loved your photos and I don’t really understand the problems with others regarding these posts… :confused:

Hey look…ASStro pm’d me and said that i should stop dissing him and email himself about any questions I had about him.
To be perfectly honest…and to keep up with my own personal values and ethics…I am shocked that he would divulge personal messages ina public forum.  Yes I did let him know the pissing me off moment…Did I ask for a public apology?  I did…maybe i shouldnt off.  Was i offended?  Yes…  should I post the 2 personal messages he sent me?..maybe but I wont.
We are 2 entirely different perons…I can accept that…will I ever invite him for coffee???  Not a fucking chance…
BTW …Richardo Longly…pm me and I will give you your 10 bucks dude…

Heh-heh, this is war, Astro:-)
No apology needed, my friend, I enjoy your posts:-)

You kiddies need to lighten up,  try to play nice. :smiley:

Hi mcsash you can donate my 10 dollars to one of these causes, BCSO, CPCA, meals on wheels, or paraplegic Olympics, then post your recite to HTMF. Oh you spelled my last name wrong.

Just thought I would add something, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying a sincere “I was wrong, I shouldnt have said/done that, I learned a lesson, it wont happen again. I am sorry”. It sure isnt easy or fun, but its the only way I know to evolve and grow as a person. Life is for learning and problems are the lessons, appreciate it when someone takes the time to offend you and point out one of your flaws, it is an opportunity to see yourself without the defense of the ego. You wont get it from friends, maybe some family but you wont believe it.

That’s actually Bashir’s wives’ “toys” that went missing…

mcsash, if you will just stop barking about Astrothug I will give you 20 bucks plus Coco (that kidnapped Shanghai stripper who somehow border jumped from North Korea) as a gift. What do you say?

What no apology for me? fuck you then asshole  :smiley: :confused:

Oh Christ I new I was forgetting people, sorry Jesus and also ismellfish, and jleaman please except my apologies… :smile:


No no jesus… he wrote it like that so jleaman would understand it :smiley: