PSP Modding?

I was going to buy a PSP but I only want to get one if I can have it modded and loaded with games.  Is there anyone local who can do that???


You would need to find an original spec psp. Sony caught on to this a LONG time ago and have released many firmware updates and eventually a new board layout that prevented users from ‘downgrading’ to the basic homebrew friendly firmware. With the cost of a 4GB memory stick, and the complications involved in flashing, downloading and mounting, you’re better off buying the new gen PSP that has component out, and obviously legit games.

The PSP I have for sale in the “For Sale Section” is an older one that was only updated once. It would be one that could be set up like you want, but you’d have to know enough about how to do it.

anyone that mods knows they have to buy the system when its first released.

If you’re talking about gaming systems in general, I disagree.

Exactly. There are always ways of finding the units to do what you want to. Look at my PSP. Someone could easily purchase it and mod it. Plus there are sometimes software hacks to reset units to previous firmware. Also ebay is a great source for modable units. To say that you have to rush out and buy a game system when it’s first released makes no sense at all.