Well, I was trying to start up my ps2 today i had the game in there, the Game wobbles & its slower then usually when it spins. It doesnt load the game. Hasnt been dropped or any of that. Anyone know what this problem is?

Sounds like you need a new cd drive, but the price of ps2, would be cheaper to get a whole new one.  I know it sounds stupid but with ps1 i had to flip it upside down to get it working sometimes.  Ps2 was designed if taken apart you will break it.

Yeah ill most likely upgrade from a ps2 then . lol

lol i remember that trick from the first gen ps1’s

just curious johnab7, do you have an old ps2 or the slim one?

maybe something came loose, i would give it a good beating first and go from there.

I got the PS2 slim… the other one is 2 big haha

I never liked the PS2 slim.
Too small, everything is too small these days!

I took my ps2 apart…I took a qtip to all the dusty parts…It still works, a year after.  But I took apart a friends ps2 and it broke…It can be done , but at your own risk.